Corvo House

The house is the sum of three single-family dwelling. The eastern part, which already had a consolidated functional structure, had a somewhat reticent relationship with the sun and the garden. When we decided to live there we pre-sensed that we would have to open it up in that direction and purchased the adjacent dwellings with this in mind. Those houses consisted mainly of
insalubrious and otherwise deficient spaces, so we carried out surgical demolition work and opened up connecting passages between the houses in an unusual circular movement.
In the current living room we replaced the slabs on the roof and  floor and knocked down the wall that divided into two.
The living room now opened up onto the landscape and garden, which is accessed via a veranda. In the cellar we lowered the floor levels to be able to install part of our studio there, retaining the connection to the eastern side of the house. We opened up the existing window spans to bring the light from the garden and the south inside.
The workshop is located at the opposite end to the garden. It is the result of the raising of the walls of an old farming annex – a single space with two windows and storage space running along the whole eastern wall. The rolled stone and mortar walls were covered with clay plaster. Between the workshop and the design studio is an outdoor workspace, a fundamental piece connecting the two spaces.
The Corvo house, garden and studio are our laboratory for experimentation. We will never be able to close in a space, a room...